We are grateful to the many veterinarians and veterinary technicians who take time out of their already busy schedules to collect ticks, complete forms, and send both to us for use in this study. The dedication of the veterinary profession to understanding tick and tick-borne infection risk in our patients is inspiring.

Please help us keep an eye out for an exotic tick species recently identified in the US by checking the information sheet for Haemaphysalis longicornis here.

Tick submissions received so far by genus 


DID YOU KNOW...ticks LOVE cats too!!

So far, 15% of our tick submissions have come from cats, but we know that dogs don't outnumber cats by THAT much so make sure you're checking your kitties for ticks too! (And then send them our way for free identification!)

We will be posting more data here as it is generated – please check back!

Please keep the ticks coming; your ticks make our day!

Check out our recently published article describing patterns of tick infestation on cats in the U.S. by clicking here