We invite veterinary practices and others to submit ticks collected from dogs and cats. Be sure to include a submission form so we can report back to you what we find.

Click here for submission form: SUBMISSION FORM



  1. Remove the tick (grasp close to skin using tweezers or tick remover and gently pull). Do not use bare hands.

  2. Place in small plastic container with tightly fitting lid. Multiple ticks from the same animal may be placed in one container. If ticks are collected from more than one animal, separate containers must be used.

  3. Close the primary plastic container with ticks and place it inside a zip-top plastic bag.

  4. Print and complete submission form (please write clearly) and place with the sealed container of ticks in the zip-top bag and seal the bag.

  5. If ticks are collected from more than one animal, a submission form should be completed for each animal and placed in a separate zip-top bag with the appropriate container of ticks.

  6. Tick identification information on each submission will be provided via email (please be sure to include preferred address)

  7. Place sealed zip-top bag(s) with ticks and submission forms in secure mailer and ship to:

Show Us Your Ticks
OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
250 McElroy Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about this project! We welcome ticks from dogs and cats all over the United States.

Just please no ticks from people.